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The BAPE is made up of not more than five full-time members, including a President and a Vice‑President. Theses members are appointed by the government.

The Minister of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change sends to the BAPE, within 10 days of the end of the public information period, the applications for public consultation or mediation that were made to her during that period, except those that are considered to be frivolous.

The BAPE, for its part, has 20 days after the end of the public information period to recommend to the Minister whether the project should be the subject of a public hearing, a targeted consultation or mediation. After the Minister confers a mandate to the BAPE, the President of the BAPE sets up a commission and designates the person in charge. The person who chairs the commission is usually a full-time member of the BAPE and is assisted by commissioners chosen on the basis of their expertise in relation to the specific elements and issues of the submitted project. To enable the President to set up commissions in a timely manner and to satisfy the requirements of the mandates entrusted to the BAPE by the Minister of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change, the President can also resort to a list of part-time members appointed by the government.

Members are sworn in, and while conducting the inquiries entrusted to them, they have the powers and immunity of commissioners appointed under An Act Respecting Public Inquiry Commissions. As commissioners, they can request any document that may be useful in understanding the case. The formal exercise of coercive powers that are officially available to a BAPE commission is, however, avoided wherever possible.

The President assumes leadership of the organization. He is assisted by the Vice-President, the assembly of members, the Secretary and Executive Director of Administration and Communications, and the Director of Environmental Expertise and Coordination.

In their capacity as commissioners, members conduct and participate in the commissions, while ensuring the management of the resources entrusted to them to carry out their mandates.

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President Philippe Bourke  
Vice-President Julie Forget  
Members Marie-Hélène Gauthier  
  Michel Germain  

Additional members appointed by decree


BERGERON, Denis    
ANDRÉ, Pierre LAVOIE, Éric  
CHARBONNEAU, Jeanne LOCAT, Jacques  
GENDRON, Corinne PHILIPPE, Cynthia  
GHANIMÉ, Linda RENAUD, Pierre  

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