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The role of the BAPE is to enlighten government decision-making in a sustainable development perspective by providing analysis and notices that take into account the Sustainable development law’s 16 principles to the Minister of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change. To carry out its mission, the BAPE disseminates to the citizens any relevant information available on a project or on a matter submitted by the Minister, and take into account the concerns and suggestions that have been brought to its attention. Notices from the BAPE are the result of a rigorous analysis and inquiry that incorporate the ecological, social and economic issues of the projects.


Be known as a leader in participatory democracy where everyone has the chance to make a difference in the benefit of a structuring and sustainable vision of Quebec’s development.


The BAPE is committed to supporting its work on these four ethical values:

Respect consists in granting a second look at a given issue in order to prevent offending involved parties. This translates into addressing ones concerns in an honest and courteous manner, and taking more time to reflect.

Impartiality lies in the duty and privilege of being able to take any position on a given matter. It involves the will to take all the available information and expressed views into account. It translates into treating everyone’s views equally without bias.

Fairness is understood as the accurate assessment of what is owed to each. It allows one to make fair and unbiased choices.

Vigilance defines itself as the concern and attention given to a situation in order to anticipate what could happen, and to address it in a sustainable development perspective by taking the appropriate measures.

The BAPE also subscribes to the values of Québec’s public service which are respect, impartiality, expertise, integrity and loyalty.

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